Wednesday, June 8, 2011

YES! I am still here!

Just thought I would stop in with a little hello to see if anyone is out there yet. I have been away for quite sometime. Not because I don't love to make cards but rather just not sure where to go from here. I had been stamping to be in a craft sale last fall, and when I didn't sell much I was left with a bundle of card. It kind of made me question if I should make anymore. I love it but I just don't need any. I have doing other projects and I am hoping to still do a card from time to time but not to the degree I had been.
I also was a member of a DT when this all went down, and it seems to have fallen apart. The head of the DT were having family issues and it seems never to have gotten back together.
Well, I hope to start doing a bit better here. I am posting a few old cards. I hope you haven't seen and will try to get some new ones up once and awhile.

Glad to see ya,


  1. Good Kathy! I was worried about you!! Great to see you back...

    Craft fairs are hit and miss. I would not put a lot of faith in them...honestly. Your stuff is great!

  2. Wonderful cards! :) I totally understand the flooded by cards feeling... it makes it difficult to want to complete more. If you really love making cards you should continue and maybe find an outlet to donate them to like OWH or a local hospital. Smiles ~ Brandi