Friday, July 23, 2010

NutCrafters Fun

Well, it seems that I have just been "out of it". I haven't stamped in about a week and a half and I am away for the weekend. I hope to get back on track next week and do some challenges and start hitting and visiting some blogs. I have been fighting with what I thought to be strep throat and now have found out it is some kind of nose think. Hopefully the, very strong, drugs they put me on will do the trick. I made this card about 2 weeks ago for my neighbor. She has a grandson that just got his divers license. Hope you like it. I ended coloring his hair brown. I waited til I know the color of her grandson's hair.



  1. I am sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I know what you mean, I haven't stamped in a long time either and I'm suffering withdrawal . . . although I did BUY a new stamp last weekend, does that count?

  2. This is just too cute! Have fun and relax.